There used to be a sort of honor and dignity from going to a university. It was the campus life with the chance to do something that you parents had never done. These days, however, the prestige of a university has been largely replaced by the financial savvy of a commuter college. With the need for education replacing the privilege and honor it once was people are no longer worried about tradition and atmosphere as much as they are worried about completing school at the lowest possible cost.

For the universities enrollment remains but it’s finding a rival in the local university or community college. Student can get a two or four year degree for a fourth of what they pay at the university level. They can find that their classes are close to home and that the hours of which the classes are offered(meaning nights and weekends) will allow them to work, or for the single mother, allow them to fulfill family responsibilities.

The community college was a movement met with resistance at first. There was the notion that these institutions were just lower class and couldn’t provide the solid education that a larger university could. However, these colleges have proven to offer the same level of education and hold the very little difference from some of the higher profile schools in the way they are regarded by employers.

These communities colleges are an amazing way to study your vocation for cheap. They have affordable payment plans and often don’t require student grants or loans. There is no better way to get your education.